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Design and DevelopmentAs a modern design-led company, we invest a huge amount of time & resource into our design & development process. We have always recognised that Design needs to be at the forefront of our business, driving our product range and reflecting all the current and future British Interior trends.

Our strength is our flexibility in this area, being able to design across a complete range of both style & price spectrums, to offer a very broad and constantly evolving product range.

Working with you is a key factor in this process so that we can better understand your specific requirements, either working from your own design briefs, or drawing from our own concepts.

Once we have established the brief, a wide selection of shapes are sketched by hand to quickly visualize the initial ideas and variations.

At the same time we will consider any fabric choices, as bringing together the shape and the cover are a critical element of a successful design. We are able to choose from an extensive range of fabrics, working closely with our suppliers to constantly monitor key design looks and trends across a wide range of commercial price points.

The concept is then very quickly worked up into an initial prototype and our skilled in-house development team combine all the key elements of design, comfort, quality, and product engineering to ensure that we offer the very best combination of style with excellent value for money.

Once approved, this prototype is then prepared for its transition into the production process. We are also able to provide you with any photographic or display models required within a short timescale.

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